Broadband for the Bush Alliance

IRCA continues to advocate for fast, accessible, affordable and reliable telecommunications and ICT access for remote Indigenous communities. 

IRCA’s activities in include -

  1. Member of the Broadband for the Bush Alliance, undertaking projects and research with Alliance stakeholders.
  2. Collating data on broadband and telecommunications infrastructure and access in remote Indigenous communities.
  3. Promoting development of a Remote Communications Infrastructure Plan for remote Australia
  4. Informing policy direction for remote area telecommunications.
  5. Keeping informed of best practice infrastructure opportunities particularly in relation to testing of WiFi mesh, mobile technologies and other technical solutions.

IRCA is a member of the Broadband for the Bush Alliance, a group of organisations that are committed to the digital inclusion of remote and rural Australia. The Alliance brings together a range of stakeholders with expertise in communications, remote service delivery, and community engagement.

For more information, visit the website or follow us on Twitter @bushbroadband #bushbroadband or Facebook broadbandforthebush