About us


Who we are

Indigenous Remote Communications Association (IRCA) is the national peak body for First Nations not-for-profit broadcasting, media and communications.

Founded in 2001 as the peak body for remote Indigenous media and communications, IRCA expanded its role to become the national peak body in 2016/2017. First Nations broadcasters and media producers are eligible for representation by IRCA. 

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Our National Peak Body role

IRCA supports the First Nations broadcasting and media industry to provide essential media and communications services to metro, regional and urban First Nations people and communities. Our key roles are:

1. Representation

2. Policy & Research

3. Member Services

4. Industry Development

5. Industry Promotion & Networking

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How we work


IRCA is committed to strong and informed governance through an effective Constitution, a comprehensive Strategic Plan and strong policies. Read more.


IRCA is committed to ensuring transparency of, and accountability in, its operations through publication of Annual Reports and Annual Financial Reports. Read more.


Board of Directors

Our Board is comprised of First Nations broadcasting and media professionals, elected by IRCA’s Ordinary Membership.

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Our staff are experienced in First Nations broadcasting and media, as well as in specialist areas that bring value to the peak body role.

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IRCA history

IRCA is unique in its understanding of the media needs of the First Nations broadcasting and media industry.

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