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Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara
FregonSouth Australia 0872


Kaltjiti, formerly known as Fregon, had its beginning in 1934 when Harold Brown was granted the water permit for the Shirley Well block, 60 kilometres south of Ernabella.

Fregon was built with government assistance in 1961 as a base for cattlemen and their families. A site was chosen 4-5 kilometres south of Shirley Well on the Officer creek about 60 kilometres south west of Ernabella. The aim of the outstation was to provide training in cattle work and for the families to have access to traditional country in the sandhills to the west. Fregon was administered through Ernabella and it wasn’t until 1968 that it had its own airstrip. It began with a school, a small hospital, a workshop, a small store and staff houses. There were four staff members including a schoolteacher, a nursing sister, an overseer and a cattle manager.

The outstation was designed for 100 people and once again the water demands were not high. The original bore was sunk by the Aboriginal water driller and was only about 6 metres deep on the western side of the Officer creek. The water was very salty and it wasn’t until bores were drilled over the sandhills to the east of the creek, that water of better quality was available.

The cattle work began in 1961 with the purchase of 200 head of cattle and expanded to approximately 7,000 head in the late 1970’s. At this time, Fregon had been administering its own affairs for about 6-7 years and the population had grown to approximately 250 people. It had experienced the same changes during the 1970’s as Ernabella did and therefore had a much higher demand for water than when it began. A community council was formed and the community was incorporated in 1973 as Aparawatatja.

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151 472

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ABC RR SA 106.1

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Kaltijiti Community Aboriginal Corporation