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Top End Aboriginal Bush Broadcasting Association

TEABBA Media Services, is a Not for Profit organisation which Project Objectives are to provide operational support for the 29 remote Indigenous broadcasting units in Aboriginal communities across the Top End of Australia. These Units are called Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Service (RIBS). These units house the radio and television electronic equipment.

These services are available through a satellite system. Most RIBS have an operator who does local radio shows in their community. These shows are often in language, relaying community announcements, interviewing visiting Government departments, weather and involving the school children.

However, most of these communities have the ability to broadcast both in their own community as well as patching into the TEABBA Network allowing the RIBS operator to broadcast across the 29 Remote Communities across the Top End of Australia. These Network shows are hosted in English and Language. Some of these shows are used for National and international distribution.

More recently, TEABBA has been involved in the development of Film and Television, increasing the opportunities of Indigenous Australians to maintain and appreciate their language and culture through this technology. Successful projects have been completed such as the “Yarning Up” thrusting several remote Indigenous filmmakers into the International spotlight, after being entered into film festivals all over the world. Positive outcomes from basic, but crucial training workshops hosted by TEABBA are still continuing from the support, as some of these filmmakers are now generating income on other assorted film projects.