NG Media

Full RIMO Name: 

Ngaanyatjarra Media

NG Media is a thriving indigenous-owned media organisation supporting 15 remote communities in the Western Desert region of Western Australia.

Ng Media has a simple vision; to empower Yarnangu to create their own stories through multi media. We believe in working alongside each other, to learn, to create, to face the challenges, resolve the issues, and enjoy the adventure together.

Ng Media is a place to have a voice, to share a story, to invigorate your brothers and sisters, to live your dreams.

We are a Yarnangu Corporation that employs over 35 Yarnangu workers and are looking to employ many more. We have a solid, talented and dedicated team of 8 Producers, Coordinators, Directors, and Managers from around Australia that are here to share their skills and passion for media with the Yarnangu people. We have 14 members of our Board of Directors who take a keen interest in everything we produce and every project we embark on.

Ngaanyatjarra Media is where the gap between cultures is filled with stories created together to share as far as we can send them.