About IRCA


Established in 2001, Indigenous Remote Communications Association (IRCA) is currently expanding its role and representation to become the national peak body for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander broadcasting, media and communications industry.

In October 2016, IRCA changed its Constitution to reflect this expanded role and move to an organisational membership model. Building upon its current remote sector representation, IRCA is now inviting regional and urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media and broadcasting organisations, as well as individual Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander broadcasting and media practitioners, to join IRCA in providing a cohesive voice for this diverse and innovative sector. 

IRCA recognises that media practice has an historical and proven role in the maintenance of language and culture, self-representation, community development and cultural safety.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander managed media and communications are an essential service in Indigenous communities, providing access to locally relevant information services, supporting health and wellbeing, enhancing skills, employment, and social and economic development. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media industry is evolving from its community broadcasting origins into an expansive and convergent media and communications industry.

IRCA is committed to the development of our industry; providing tools, networks and resources to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media organisations and workers to upskill and build their capacity.

IRCA’s Core Values

  1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are able to create their own media, cultural expression and representation through access to appropriate organisational support, resources and delivery platforms.
  2. Strong sustainable Indigenous media and communications industry.
  3. Strong language and culture are fundamental to identity and wellbeing.
  4. Strong communications networks throughout Indigenous Australia.
  5. Strong healthy communities.


In order to provide direct relief of poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune, disability and helplessness of Indigenous Australians, the IRCA shall:

  • Be the Peak Body representing and advancing the interests and development of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media industry at a remote, regional and national level.
  • Support the preservation and maintenance of Aboriginal and Torres Islander cultures and languages.
  • Advocate on behalf of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in relation to their needs and interests in media and communications, including supporting strong employment, education and health outcomes.
  • Use media and communications to enhance opportunities for self and community advancement.
  • Promote the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the digital economy, through access to appropriate communications technologies and services.
  • Support the production of media tools, content, programming and services in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities that leads to improved enjoyment of life and betterment of circumstances.
  • Facilitate greater respect for and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and traditions within the broader Australian community, through the promotion of the activities, organisations, media products and people working within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait media sector.
  • Promote media and communications as an essential service to remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.