19NRIMF - Back To The Desert

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
NG Media

The Remote Indigenous Media Festival is heading back to the desert this year. IRCA General Manager Daniel Featherstone has just met with leaders of Ngaanyatjarra (NG) Media and Irrunytju (Wingellina) community in WA, and the community have welcomed the opportunity to host this year’s annual festival in late September. 
NG Media chairpersons Colin Nelson and Daisy O’Byrne said they have enjoyed attending the Festival in other regions and are now looking forward to hosting remote media workers and delegates from across Australia for a week of learning, sharing and celebrating. 
Community Chairperson Chris Reid said ‘We are a small community, but we would be proud to have the Festival come to our home. Bring your swag and we’ll show you our country and culture in the desert."
Irrunytju community is located near the tri-state border of WA, SA and NT with a population of approximately 150 people, mostly Pitjantjatjara. It is the home of the remote Indigenous media organisation NG Media, which supports 14 communities across the Ngaanyatjarra region of south-east WA.  
This year is the 25th anniversary of NG Media, which originated in 1992 as Irrunytju Media and was focussed on cultural video production and local BRACS radio. NG Media now runs a regional satellite radio network Radio NGm, has a video production arm, a music program, and a vibrant network of community media centres which provide computer access and training.
NG Media Manager, Mark Finlay, says, “It will be fantastic to be able to join all the remote media workers from around the country and show off our great media centre and the work being done in this place.  I’m a visitor here too and I know that although the community is small, the welcome is strong."