IRCA transitions to National Peak Body

Established in 2001, Indigenous Remote Communications Association (IRCA) is currently expanding its role and representation to become the national peak body for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander broadcasting, media and communications industry. In October 2016, IRCA changed its Constitution to reflect this expanded role and move to an organisational membership model. Building upon its current remote sector representation, IRCA is now inviting regional and urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media and broadcasting organisations, as well as individual Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media practitioners, to join IRCA in providing a cohesive voice for this diverse and innovative sector.  



Latest news

Thursday 16 February 2017

Phase 2 of inDigiMOB was launched this week, expanding the delivery of digital literacy initiatives and digital mentor support in remote communities across the Northern Territory. Amelia Turner opened the launch with a warm welcome to Country and Mayor Damien Ryan spoke to the importance of collaborations, congratulating inDigiMOB for establishing positive community partnerships.
inDigiMOB is a partnership between the Indigenous Remote Communications Association (IRCA) and Telstra that aims to bridge the digital divide in remote communities in the Northern Territory. To help increase this reach, Telstra donated a brand new vehicle to IRCA for the duration of the project. 

​​Full Media Release attached here.

Thursday 15 December 2016

On Thursday 8th December at the Yuendumu Careers Expo and Community Graduation, Mr. Simon Japangardi Fisher was awarded an Honorary Fellowship with Charles Darwin University. Japangardi is PAW Media’s Senior Media Archivist and holds a Masters degree in Anthropology. Japangardi also accepted a nomination for a team award from the Office of Pro Vice Chancellor at Charles Darwin University, in recognition of the Whole of Community Engagement Project at Yuendumu which Japangardi helped to lead with local residents, Mr Jimmy Langdon and Ms Elizabeth Katakarinja.